Interactive wellness education exclusively for Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk students

Interactive wellness education exclusively for Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk students

Interactive wellness education exclusively for Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk students

What We're Teaching

Get Started With This Web Site

  • Become aware of how many calories you consume by reading labels for calorie content and serving size and looking at nutrition data provided by restaurants.
  • Start guessing the calories and nutrition of foods you choose - check the data to see how close your guesses are.
  • Become aware of how many calories you expend during the day.
  • Evaluate your success at balancing your energy input and output.
  • Continue to build your knowledge of energy input and output by reading labels and using this web site.
  • Go solo! Combine your knowledge of the energy in foods you typically eat and the energy you expend in a day for "real time" energy management.

Energy Management in Real Time

You surely know that weight management, as an area of study, is extremely complicated. Universities offer doctoral degrees in nutrition, exercise physiology, and psychology. You could study the issues surrounding our national weight crisis for a lifetime.

But most reputable health providers agree that:

Sound simple? It can be as long as you have the right information at the time you are faced with an eating decision.

Our goal is to help you learn to calculate, on a real-time basis, how much energy you take in and how much energy you expend on a given day. That's it.

Real-Time Estimating

Why is real-time estimating important? An average person makes 200 food choices a day! Relying on a website (including this one) or a book just isn't practical over the long-term. Information about the energy content of foods must be available in the "real time" mode - meaning, in your brain!

This web site seeks to train you to evaluate foods as "energy" so you can apply that knowledge when you need it--while you are perusing the drive-up menu at a hamburger joint, choosing a frozen meal at the store, slicing a piece of cheese for a snack, or cooking yourself dinner.

Sustainable for Life

We're aiming for a lifestyle tune-up that will be maintained forever. Don't do anything that you know you can't continue for the rest of your life - like eating grapefruit three times a day.

A healthy lifestyle includes a comfortable balance in nutrition choices. Don't obsess over counting every fat gram or keeping a detailed list of every morsel of food that enters your mouth. Eating should be enjoyable and healthy. It's one of life's great joys. However, we can't expect our body to be any better than the fuel it gets.

You've spent a lifetime creating habits and preferences in your diet; it will take time and effort to change those habits and preferences. Work on one thing at a time, then move to the next. Don't view one day of too few veggies or too many pieces of cake as a failed day. This is part of normal eating. However, those days should be fewer and farther between than the days when your objectives are met.

We hope that you will use this part of our program to develop a new way of managing your energy input and output in ways that help you meet your real-world objectives. Remember, we're after real-time knowledge and ongoing learning. Education and empowerment is the ultimate goal. We don't want you to eat only a narrow range of foods or be chained to any program, even ours.

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