Interactive wellness education exclusively for Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk students

Interactive wellness education exclusively for Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk students

Interactive wellness education exclusively for Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk students

The Best Actions

More Actions

Build a Base. The most common mistake when embarking on a fitness program is overdoing it. We start with a burst of enthusiasm, then have trouble walking for a week. In addition to being discouraging and possibly dangerous, this is one of the worst ways to embrace a more active lifestyle. Take time to build a base of endurance, strength, flexibility and balance. Embrace fitness as a lifestyle, not a burst of corrective behavior.

Push, But Just a Little. The body is a really smart machine. Really smart. It will acclimate to fitness routines in just a few weeks. What was once a challenge becomes easy. To improve your fitness level, you need to do a bit more. Go a bit longer. Do it faster. Do something different. Your workouts should leave you refreshingly tired and relaxed and perhaps a tiny bit sore. Remember, we're embracing a more active lifestyle, not engaging in a short term campaign.

Measure & Write It Down. We get what we measure. Assess your fitness as you start a program. It doesn't need to be detailed. Your initial measure may be as simple as documenting how you feel when you walk up a flight of stairs, carry groceries, lift a child. Or you can get on a treadmill and see how long and far you can go today. Every 4 to 6 weeks, compare your current situation with where you started. You'll likely be amazed at the progress.

We offer some advanced fitness standards that you can use if you find them fun and motivating--but only after building a solid base of endurance, strength, flexibility and balance. Study after study confirms that measuring and writing it down can help people meet lifestyle goals. Wherever you start is fine, just use that paper and pencil!

Just Move!

People who are active tend to remain active. Sedentary behavior tends to lead to sedentary behavior. Look for ways to incorporate movement into your life. Park in the farthest parking space from the door. Take the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator. Carry your own groceries to the car. Pull those weeds in the driveway. Paint a room. Walk to the convenience store for a snack (preferably small and healthy) rather than driving. Do push-ups, crunches, or march in place during TV commercials. Need some motivation? Download one of our free exercise routines for walking, biking and more.

Fitness Time is Just for You

Most of us lament that we cannot find time to exercise. And it's likely true. Between home, family, work, and friends, exercise can sometimes just seem like another item on your check list that you didn't get done. Consider this: When your life is busy and stressful--that's when you need to exercise most! Fitness can increase your energy to accomplish more in your daily life, and it supports your general wellness. It has the potential to positively affect all aspects of our lives. Change your mental image of exercise from a chore to an opportunity to do something just for yourself: no phones, no emails, no meetings, no deadlines, no children, housework or yard work. Luxuriate in the time you spend maintaining and improving your fitness--and jealously guard that time!

What's Your Style

No, not the latest fitness clothing--your fitness style. Are you...

If you are a social animal, going it alone is going to be extra hard. If you need a goal--pick one! Or mix it up.

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