Interactive wellness education exclusively for Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk students

Interactive wellness education exclusively for Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk students

Interactive wellness education exclusively for Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk students

Fitness Routines

Nothing beats formal physical training classes, group exercise and personal trainers. But, if your schedule doesn't allow you to attend a class, or if you are traveling, our downloadable video, audio and work out plans are the next best thing. Just select a workout from the list below and download it to your computer, smart phone, or mp3 player. Also, be sure to check out the multi-day or single day coached videos. There's no cost for this service.

Also, as ironic as it seems, you can get hurt, disabled or even killed while engaging in health-building activities. Please understand and accept our Waiver of Liability (underline and hyperlink to: the Waiver of Liability under My Data) before you use any of our material.

Stationary Bikes

Stationary bikes are available at almost all fitness centers and quite a few home exercise rooms! Working out on a stationary bike burns calories and also helps improve both strength and endurance.

Program Level Description Download
Get Started This ride has great background and basic instruction if structured bicycle workouts are new to you.
Hills and Valleys Alternating hills and valleys are the theme of this ride.
Keep It Rolling This ride's purpose is to help build endurance.
Doubles and Triples This ride is designed around "doubles and triples" which are two minute work sessions followed by three minutes of recovery.
A Little Bit of Everything Looking for variety? How about up hills, down hills, fast revolutions, sprinting and strength work.
Strength Through Climbing 1 The goal of this ride is to increase strength by riding imaginary hills.
Want a Revolution? This ride is all about staying between 90 and 100 revolutions per minute to increase both strength and endurance.
Quick Recovery This ride is structured around intervals to help condition your body for quick recovery from exertion.
Time Trial 101 This ride is both a training ride as well as a time trial. Anticipate being at maximum effort for about 5 minutes during the time trial which takes place at the end of the ride.
Strength Through Climbing 2 The focus of this ride is strength developed through riding up hills. The intensity of this ride varies, high effort when climbing separated by breaks as the rider descends.
Ramp Work Think of riding ramps, that is up and down sections arranged to provide a three section interval training ride. Imagine your favorite rolling hills and valleys and start pedaling!
Criterium 1 Have you ever imagined what it would be like to ride in a criterium bike race? Well, here's your chance! Ready, set, go!
Lotoja Bike Race The Lotoja is the longest sanctioned bicycle race in the United States, starting in Logan Utah and ending 206 miles later in Jackson, Wyoming. Get your stationary bike time in while listening to Robert Lofgran's (third place finisher in 2009) story of his race.
Santa Monica Bike Tour Wish you were peddling near the beach? This workout is an imaginary ride complete with historical and fun facts about Santa Monica.


Walking is an exercise that can be done anywhere in just about any weather condition. Our downloads help keep a steady pace as well as explain the correct way to walk for exercise.

Program Level Description Download
Walk Fast 1 Ready to crank it up? Then use this faster version of the walking download.
Fast and Quiet Get out and go with this faster pace version with minimal coaching commentary.
A Boulevard Walk Take a stroll with us! This version has a pace which is leisurely, and commentary from a coach explaining how to use the download as well as the benefits of walking.
A Quiet Boulevard Walk Use this version if you just want a leisure, but steady, pace with minimal instruction.
Step it Up the Boulevard This version simply has a slightly faster pace than the leisure version.
Step it Up the Boulevard Quietly Select this version for a pace a bit faster than leisurely and without the coaching!
Walking 101 This nine session walking introduction is a good way to embrace a more active lifestyle. The idea is to move - just get one foot in front of the other.
Go Take a Walk Want to get more physically active? Walking is the perfect way to get moving and can be easily integrated into your current lifestyle.
Santa Monica Beach Walk What could be better than a walk down a beach in California? Make your walk more fun with a tour of Santa Monica, complete with history and fun facts.


Almost every health club, and quite a few homes, have treadmills. Use our downloads to structure your workout, and make your time on the treadmill more interesting!

Program Level Description Download
Basic Treadmill Just a good solid half-hour workout
Bring the Outdoors Indoors! This is designed to appeal to outdoor runners, so if you can't get outside today, download this and use your imagination!
Interval Workout 1 Interval workouts are designed around the concept of segments of varying levels of effort.
Highs and Lows This workout has alternating periods of low and high intensity exercise.
Feel the Burn Which we want you to do, but remember, adjust the settings to keep things in a reasonable zone for your condition, and how you're feeling today!
Neighborhood Dogs Have a good imagination? Put it to work on this download! This combines both walking and running and a few exciting moments with the dogs in your neighborhood.
Pyramid Power This treadmill routine is based around a pyramid power walking structure.
The Hills are Alive Feel like an invigorating walk in the hills? Try this download.
The Hills are Alive with Joggers This routine is based around jogging up and down hills.
Sprinting for Fun and Profit A sprint is a useful skill in almost every sport as well as chasing children around the house!
The Low Down Intensity Blues This treadmill session is low impact and intensity, ideal if you're starting exercising, or if you're just feeling a little off.
Santa Monica Running Tour How about changing your routine with a run down the Santa Monica boardwalk? Work out while learning about this fascinating area

General Fitness

These workouts vary from simply getting out for a walk to using a rowing machine, one of the quickest ways to get full-body exercise.

Program Level Description Download
The Golden Five Want to know the best five exercises for overall muscle development? Download this file and find out!
Row, Row, Row Your Boat Need both a cardiovascular and full-body workout in a short period of time? Give rowing a try.
Hop to It Bet you haven't done this one since you were a kid! Jumping rope is a fun way to cross train and can be done almost anywhere.
Circuit Training 101 Circuit training is one of the most time efficient ways to a full body workout. So, if you want to minimize your time at the gym but maximize the results, try this routine.
GymCardio Working a variety of endurance activities into your time at the health club is one of the best ways to keep things fresh and interesting.
Stretching 101 Along with the warm up and cool down, flexibility often doesn't get the time and attention it deserves. So, get ready to lengthen those muscles!
Train Your Core Strengthening the core part of your body (the back and abdominal muscles) can help with almost any exercise endeavor, and help prevent back problems at the same time!

Working Out at Work

Short breaks throughout the work day actually help improve productivity and concentration. This program will give you a little break from work to clear your mind and do something good for your body.

Program Level Description Download
Working Out At Work Can you fit exercise into your multi-tasking routine?


Many people have knee and ankle problems that can be aggravated with running. Elliptical machines are a good way to get the cardiovascular and muscle building benefits of running while minimizing the wear and tear on joints.

Program Level Description Download
Elliptical 101 Is your elliptical machine routine getting a little, well routine? Mix it up with the ideas on this download.


Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise and can be done just about anywhere at just about anytime of the year.

Program Level Description Download
The Half Marathon Running a half marathon (13.1 miles) is a real achievement; however, you'll want to prepare in a thoughtful and thorough manner. Download this 16 week course and tighten those laces!
My First 5K This routine will help you move from just jogging to running a 5K (3.2 miles) course. Your 5K run doesn't have to be in a race; it can be around the neighborhood just for your own benefit.


Bicycling is wonderful for building endurance, strength, using up extra stored energy, and all around enjoyment! Bicycling is also relatively easy on hip, knee, ankle and foot joints. Many communities have bicycling clubs that organize group rides and social events, what a way to spend an evening!

Program Level Description Download
Half Century A half century (50 miles) ride is a great training goal. Most communities have dozens of these events each year, and many support a charitable cause. Training for a half century is a great way to build both endurance and strength.
Century The century ride (100 miles) is a bicycling classic. Our 12 week plan starts with base building and then adds both strength and endurance components. You'll really feel a sense of accomplishment after completing a century, and thorough preparation will make the experience all the better.


Triathlons have grown tremendously in popularity; they require full-body fitness and deliver a real sense of accomplishment. Our fitness plans can help you get ready to go!

Program Level Description Download
Olympic Triathlon An Olympic triathlon is a serious fitness challenge! If you have a good base of fitness already, use this eight week plan to get ready to go the distance!
Sprint Triathlon Sprint triathlons are an excellent way to get a full-body workout. Use this eight week training plan to build your swimming, running and biking abilities.


A solid level of conditioning makes skiing more fun, and safer!

Program Level Description Download
Get Ready to Ski Start this snow skiing specific workout in October, be better prepared to hit the slopes in December!

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